Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

At Moore Malaysia, we take the stress out of the banking and finance so our clients can get back to business.

Moore Malaysia offers hands-on expertise on businesses of all sizes and from all sectors. While our service rivals those of the largest firms in quality and cost efficiency, it is also flexible in response to our clients' needs.

We offer a full range of corporate recovery services, including financial restructuring and reorganisation, investigations as well as traditional administration and receivership appointments. However, our approach sees formal insolvency proceedings as the option of last resort - first priority is to focus on recovery, both of the business and its corporate structure. We believe this approach is in tune with the spirit of the times and responsive to market demands.

We have extensive experience in all forms of corporate recovery assignments, business reviews and reconstructions, investigations and formal insolvency proceedings. We offer expertise based on hands-on experience working in numerous industry sectors, and on projects involving multiple international locations.

Corporate rescue mechanisms

The new judicial arrangement mechanism will allow a company, its directors or a creditor to apply to the Court to place the management of the company in the hands of a qualified insolvency practitioner. This is a temporary court-supervised rescue plan for ailing companies but not available to companies licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia or regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia.

The corporate voluntary arrangement is conceptually similar to the scheme of arrangement mechanism, where the existing management of a financially distressed company remains in control during the restructuring. The fundamental difference is that the implementation of the debt restructuring proposal will be supervised by an insolvency practitioner with minimal court supervision.

Monitoring accountant services

For companies that are undergoing or have completed a corporate and debt restructuring exercise, we can assist the affected lenders to monitor financial performance of the restructured companies against their projected results and any other matters of material concern to the lenders.

Receivership and Administration assignment

When a company defaults in its bank borrowings with financial institutions where it has provided a fixed and floating charge on the company's assets, the financial institutions usually have the option to appoint a Receiver and/or Manager to deal with and to dispose of the company's assets and/or business in order to settle the amount owing to the financial institutions. Further, a Receiver and/or Manager may also be appointed by the Court at the request of a stakeholder to safeguard the financial affairs of a company or its assets.

We have the experience to act as Receiver and/or Manager to the Court, lenders or any affected stakeholders who may want to exercise or protect their rights on the affected company's assets.

Liquidation assignment

Sometimes through a corporate reconstruction exercise, the shareholders might want to liquidate or wind up a distressed or underperforming company in order to minimise further losses and/or to salvage any remaining value of the company. We have extensive expertise to assist insolvent and troubled companies through a liquidation process. By applying the right approach diligently, to effectively and efficiently achieve a maximum return for the creditors, our liquidation services are aimed at assisting the stakeholders and/or creditors through the liquidation process, besides ensuring that the regulatory, legal, financial, employees and other stakeholders' issues are safely handled.

We can assist or act under the following insolvency appointments:-

  • Pre-Liquidation Advice and Workout Proposals/ Special Administrators
  • Provisional Liquidation
  • Members' Voluntary Winding-up
  • Creditors' Voluntary Winding-up
  • Court-appointed Liquidation
  • Judicial Management
  • Corporate Voluntary Arrangement