Governance, Risk & Assurance

The management of risk and implementation of robust corporate governance has become an increasingly important aspect of global business.

While many companies are required by law, regulations or stakeholders to apply these processes and procedures, even more elect to do so as part of a successful business strategy.

Moore Malaysia's aim is to leverage expertise and sector knowledge to help organisations meet their governance, risk and assurance objectives.

Risky business

Nowadays, factors such as the constant changes in global technology, laws and regulations, intensified market competition and increasingly complex business environment have exposed global businesses to an atmosphere full of risks and uncertainties. Stakeholders e.g. external investors, partners and supervisory organisations are calling for implementation of robust corporate governance to safeguard the interest of all.

As a result, the day-to-day management of risk has moved from simple compliance activities to in-depths reviews of operational and business risks, forming an integral part of a successful business strategy, to provide the needed assurance to achieve the business strategic objectives.

How can we help?

Gone with the days when risks are maintained and placed on the shelf. Establishing a system with adequate internal control to effectively oversee and manage risk brings numerous benefits to our client's organisation. Acting as a useful day-to-day operational tool as well as strengthening our client's business culture, to a more rigorous decision making and improved resources allocation.

At Moore Malaysia, we offer a flexible approach to the engagement and customise to our client's requirements and are well recognised for keeping abreast of the rapidly changing business environment through our ongoing commitment to professional education and research.

We work with businesses in different sectors, advising on their governance structures, providing a range of services designed to support our clients in maintaining robust governance and assurance framework, as well as assisting on managing risks effectively whilst embedding transparency and accountability.

Our services

Risk Management

  • Risk management framework development
  • Enterprise-wide risk assessments
  • Risk profile development
  • Risk and performance monitoring

Internal Auditing

  • Internal audit outsourcing & co-sourcing
  • Controls review
  • Setting up of an internal audit function
  • IPO corporate governance readiness review

Strategic Advisory

  • Business process improvement
  • Performance management
  • Succession planning
  • KPI development
  • Corporate governance 'health checks'
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • ESG/Sustainability Reporting

Information Technology

  • IT General Control Review
  • Cybersecurity Review
  • Application Control Review
  • Vulnerability/Penetration Testing